AR on mouse feels useless

The AR with a mouse feels like it might as well not even exist. This is an issue as the main starting weapon for quickplay because this is the path of getting into the game for newcomers. People have done bot matches and want to play online will go to quickplay before ranked, and they will be met with a bad experience on AR start matches.

Quickplay with MkB is frustrating because it is very obvious when I am playing against controller players in that they can actually kill things with the AR in a timely manner. I’m not sure if the bloom/magnetism is just too strong on the weapon with controller, but on a mouse it is super annoying to use this gun. Halfway through the clip the bloom has bullets randomly going everywhere and you have to reset the bloom by stopping shooting for a second. Meanwhile it feels like controller players can just melt you with an AR in less than a clip.

This topic may go beyond this gun and have more to do with crossplay tuning overall, but either way I dread queuing quickplay which could be fine except I paid for the battle pass and want to progress it with challenges that sometimes require playing quickplay.

It’s the lack of bullet mag on KBM, controller gets aim assist and increased bullet mag. It’s the bullet mag that makes the AR melt people.