"AR Meta" may not be a problem with the AR itself

I honestly think the AR meta isn’t caused by the strength of the weapon, but the frequency of it. I find that there simply isn’t enough battle rifle/ commando/ pulse carbine pickups in the map, and I have to actively seek them out to the few places they are. Other Halo games have had more weapon pickups and were more varied. The entire playspace was evenly saturated with weapons. Live fire has about 8 pickups, two of which are the plasma pistol which probably won’t be used that often. Recharge has areas that don’t have weapons at all.

I think the weapon pad system accidentally made 343i treat every weapon like a power weapon, and perhaps they shouldn’t be afraid of having more racks around. Some further ideas include having grenades spawn in a lower portion of the weapon rack, like the ODST cabinets that had a weapon on top and two grenades on the bottom. If the map gets lost/covered up by having more walls covered, perhaps a halo reach esque weapon case that sits on the floor could be designed as well. What do you all think?

Depending on placement of the weapons too many BRs can have the opposite effect and make it a nightmare spawn trap map.

I just use the pistol in most cases

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> Depending on placement of the weapons too many BRs can have the opposite effect and make it a nightmare spawn trap map.

True, now that I think about it these weapons spawn almost only in the middle of the map. Adding one in the spawn area could spice things up a little.

The reason the AR is so strong is mostly due to radar being in the game and also the lack of BRs and how weak the pistol is. It’s really hard to beat someone who has the jump on you with an AR at short range with a pistol. Due to radar being in the game it means you can crouch around strongholds and corners and get the jump on unsuspecting players. This means you never really wanna push into areas of the map blindly due to people hiding on radar. If they made it so you only appear on radar while shooting, sprinting and using abilities it would make it a lot better, or even better just take it out all together.

Adding a few more BR spawns on some maps would make it better however with the current starting weapons and radar it makes it tough to compete against autos.

I’m totally in favour of it being BR starts also as the pistol is just so weak at range.

The Ar is good for close range and the sidekick is used for mid range duels it should stay this way tbh each gun has its own utility for its own situations. but yeah I think there should be two BRs spawning for each side I don’t understand why it’s being treated like a power weapon.

Strong disagree. At a long range, like on the two platforms on Bazaar, a 5 shot BR kill will leave me with no shields and 80% health against someone with an AR who is consistently hitting me. That is MUCH too large a range for it to be doing that kind of damage. Yall need to test this out on yourselves, it is not because the commando/br is not prevalent. If anything, it can beat the commando because it’s such a pain in the -Yoink- to use versus the AR.

Also, no, other games did not have more weapons pickups. Lockout only has two BR spawns, Bazaar only has two BR spawns. It’s the same. AR is just THAT powerful. Wanting 4 whole BR spawns is not precedented. Even on H3 maps, usually there is only 1 BR spawn per side and that’s it.

I think they should get creative, like on Live Fire why not have a few BR’s and Commando’s laying on surfaces like someone was cleaning them for future use? Or add ammo boxes in certain places closer to start spawns with at least one different weapon?

And on Bazaar why not have a few weapon crates hidden around like someone was trying to trade them on the black market/smuggle them off planet?

I get they were trying to tidy up the map by making weapons spawn in their cabinets, but the number of those cabinets and the weapons they hold are too few for regular combat in 4v4/5v5.