AR in FF

Unless im using a power weapon im carrying a promethian tipped AR and the extended mag AR as my loadout. To me, having a BR almost feels useless. Anyone else feel the same?

No, I always trade it out for the smg and for BR or DMR.

I go extended mag BR with Patrol case at level 4. Never run out of ammo.

The BR is pretty useful for headshoting crawlers and grunts. The kinetic bolt AR is pretty useful against armored enemies and vehicles at earlier rounds

Not at all, I think AR is extremely useful but a BR is key to taking down infantry with quick headshots. Always keep one of each!

the kinetic bolt AR is actually really good for phaetons if you have some good cover and are kinda close. the BR is my go to for most other ground troops though. (unless i am ready to equip the DMR)

My main loadout for FF has basically been kinetic bolts on a DMR and SMG with patrol case. Before I can use those, I stick with longshot kinetic AR and the extended mag pistol until I can sub in a temp kinetic BR. I still haven’t noticed a big difference between kinetic and regular but I figure every little bit helps.