AR + Grenade Spam Meta Is Not Fun

Plain and simple: the AR and grenade spamming meta that is Halo Infinite multiplayer is not fun.

The AR is insanely overpowered. There’s almost no reason to pick up and use anything else over it besides the most top tier power weapons (like rockets). It’s time to kill at most functional engagement ranges is way too fast. It easily outperforms the sidekick, commando, and even the BR in many engagements, especially with how difficult it is to land shots with those types of accuracy based weapons with the far too quick short-area player movement. If you get into a game that has a bunch of players crouch strafing, it’s a must use. Being the end all be all weapon, especially as a starting weapon, has never been the purpose of the AR. And that’s what it’s become. It’s always meant to have been a “just good enough” gun to use until you found a better weapon to replace. Now, it’s THE gun to use in most engagements, making the sandbox as a whole extremely underwhelming and useless. And that means far less fun.

The AR problem is compounded by the grenades. Two starting grenades is too much, especially with how many grenades are on the map. And they’re too powerful. Too often do I get one shotted by a nade when I have very minimal residual damage on me. And they make objective game modes a nightmare. It’s almost impossible to stay in a single location for more than a few seconds without 10 nades coming your way. Combine the crazy nade spamming with the AR… why else would you use anything else? Just spam nades at corners and then cleanup with the AR and repeat.

Almost every 4v4 I’ve played has followed this AR + Grenade spam meta. And in all those games, everyone ends up scoring about the same even K/D ratio (1:1). There’s no real way for skilled players to exert a significant impact on games anymore because everyone is on such even grounds by starting with two of the most powerful weapons in the sandbox (and they have an endless supply to restock them). And that just means all players are stuck in a middle ground bleh fest rather than being able to have unique expressions and impacts in the games.

Honestly, the AR’s current balancing should make it a weapon you pick-up rather than start with. It’s just too powerful at too many engagement ranges to be a starting weapon. Switch it out with the Commando if you’re going to keep the Commando nerfed, and place AR’s in the Commando pick-up slots on the map. That, or buff guns like the Commando and Sidekick, and/or apply a major nerf to the AR. Keep the damage output the same if you’d like, but then make the functional range far shorter. It should be a CQC weapon almost exclusively in order to fill its proper place in the sandbox. All the weapon pickups (Commando, BR, etc.) are suppose to give you advantages are medium to long range over the starting weapon. But they just don’t right now (BR at long range, sure. But there’s no reason to ever use the Commando over the AR right now, at any range. And the AR often outperforms the BR in medium ranges, and definitely at close range)

And the same could be said for grenades, especially in objective game modes. I think starting nades should be removed completely, or at least players should only start with one. And they need to be nerfed. Nades should kill an opponent if they have shielding left. I think nades should only one shot someone if they’re directly on top of the nade, and they’re completely unshielded.

I really hope they fix the AR and Nade issues. Because the game isn’t fun with the current meta.


I strongly agree about the grenades. The spam is annoying and I find the game much more fun when I play custom games with friends and we do only 1 grenade to start. I also really miss the warning indicators on the HUD from Halo 4, which let you know when a grenade was near.

The AR I personally think just needs more spread so it’s not so strong from far away.