AR and Sidekick still OP

Right now the AR has too far of an accurate spray at range and the Sidekick is basically a power weapon. The sidekick has no penalty to just spamming it outclasses every weapon.


Totally agree with you, especially the AR is so annoying the range kill is so high even from side to side of the map I got killed.

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I agree about the Sidekick being a bit too strong, especially if you get put against a seasoned M & K player who knows what they’re doing. 343 stated that it’s supposed to feel like, well, a Sidekick, a gun you swap to in order to finish off an enemy or if your current weapon runs dry. As it stands, the Sidekick doesn’t fill that role at all and feels more like a primary weapon.

Now, for the AR. I actually like how good it is, it’s good to finally have a consistently good mid-to-close-range tool, but I will agree that the damage beyond that range is a little too much.

For me the AR just feels really inconsistent. Some fights I will absolutely shred someone with it, other times I will get hitmakers but they will still easily have 1/3 of their shields remaining.

The same applies to the side kick. I’ll land every shot at times and won’t break shields. I’d imagine that probably has more to do with ping though.

I will say that I feel totally outclassed against M&KB players when using the sidekick past the aim assist range.

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Yeah the Sidekick can kill a Battle Rifle user before he finishes his 3rd burst. At this point just start us with ARs and no secondary. Sidekick on the map because it is indeed a power weapon

I think both are fine. I do have concern with some weapons being far too underpowered in comparison with the starting weapons. For example, the shock rifle and commando.

The commando is the more frustrating for me. Seems like it could be a really fun weapon to use but it either needs a few more bullets or each bullet needs to do a bit more damage because as of now it is nearly impossible to kill anyone with a single clip, especially when up against an AR or BR. Basically a useless weapon at the moment.

I also think the plasma pistol charge needs to track just a little more or at least not dump down so quickly. Maybe I just haven’t figured that one out yet.

A couple guns I really enjoyed using seems to be sparingly available. Mostly the stalker rifle. I’ve only found it once in all of the maps I’ve played.

Stalker rifle feels really good. I think they should have left the Commando alone and done the nerf to the Sidekick… After what i witnessed with the spam no reason to pick anything else up. BR tickles compared to it.

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