AR and Sidekick need descope

90% of the time on 4v4 maps the AR and Sidekick still beat out the BR except at extreme ranges on maybe 1 or 2 maps. Because there’s Descope for the BR but no Descope for the sidekick and AR, allowing them to just spam unmitigated by your hits, but you constantly get descoped.

The BR is hardly worth having in 4v4 so regardless of what people whinge about wanting a “valid AR” the game just just turned into a spam fest of grenades and holding the trigger down on the AR. Couple with no friendly fire, but that’s another issue.

The game has just descended into sprinting around like headless chickens. There’s no thinking anymore, because that takes time and skill, and no one wants that anymore. Has to be constant 100mph non stop movement and shooting otherwise the game is supposedly “too slow”.

While it’s nice to have a valid AR , it was much better to actually have to land and time shots with the BR, than the current meta which is the same thing but replace it with the AR, minus the skill of timing and aiming…

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100 percent agree with this

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I’ve gone a few games wrecking with the AR, and not once have I used scope with it. Maybe I should start and I’ll do even better? I care less about scope. I think effective range should be shortened and it should make it more fair, because I do agree with you that it is pretty dang chaotic. Especially in smaller maps and maps with little cover. Especially because of the spawns too. I find myself constantly spawned into 2v1 scenarios.

Yes, headshot bonus is stupid too. TTK isn’t like a halo game anymore. Its extremely apparent when you are in a 2v1. In the old days a good player could easily defeat 2 weaker players 2v1 but now thats extremely rare because all they need to do is point and hold and you’re also way weaker.