Approach on Halo 4's presentation of campaign

Ok, I think most of the old school players and fairly new to the franchise know that when Bungie made their Halo games, they added a bit of humor into it. I’m not talking about black comedy or ironic situations. I’m talking about plain “funny.” (Joke time with Marines and some funny incidents with the Covenant) This is not a bad thing. It shows that the developers had fun making the game, which is a good thing, but these type of additions ruin the sense of desperation and the feeling of “war” in a battlefield, which Halo (at least in the books) is about. What I think Halo 4 needs right now is a much more serious approach. Halo Reach was serious, but there were these moments that just ruined it or felt out of place. Halo 4 has to have a much more solid serious approach that presents a mysterious, alien and ancient atmosphere for the players.


I agree, but there should be some humor thrown into the game via Easter Eggs.

> I agree, but there should be some humor thrown into the game via Easter Eggs.

Of course. Easter eggs should always remain, but I think it would be a lot better if there weren’t anything the disrupted the key storyline or important characters in the story. It really ruins the seriousness and sense of “epicness” at least for me.

-Cortana teleports Chief upside down
-MC crashes the banshee
-Johnson hugs an elite

-Arbiter crashes the banshee
-Johnson being a smartass

-Johnson STILL being a smartass
-RvB easter egg

-Forge being a smartass

-Emile being a smartass

I’m seeing a pattern here.

In all honesty, I’d prefer they left a little bit of funny things in. A story that’s nothing but serious can get boring rather fast IMO.

For example, H3 had a really enjoyable campaign for me, while Reach being more serious wasn’t as enjoyable for me. Bad Company 2’s campaign was a mix of funny and serious, and it was very enjoyable to me. Battlefield 3’s campaign wasn’t as enjoyable to me because it was all serious.