Firstly I want to say thank you to 343I I believe they don’t get enough praise for the amazing work they pull off.

Also thank you for the continued work on Halo Wars 2 making it slightly better with each patch.

its tough at the moment, I have a strong feeling once Halo 6 comes out fans across the globe will say 343I pulled off an amazing game as we all do about Halo Wars 2.

Appreciate those kind words, dude. The team works incredibly hard and adores the passionate HW2 community; it’s inspiring to see the love they have for the game’s experience. Will definitely pass this note along!

I also love the ongoing support and balance updates for this game.
I’d like to add that I’m not a Halo fan but I have not had this much RTS fun since C&C Generals Zero Hour.
Love the leaders and the fun factor.
Great stuff!

I’m sure I will run through Halo6’s campaign, but its multiplayer doesn’t stand a chance at pulling me from HW2.

HW2 is turning into a pretty polished RTS game. Time will tell, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it stood among the other RTS titans, i.e. SC,WC, C&C, etc. It definitely will if other game developers remain too intimidated by the genre.

I totally agree! I commend the effort and heart they have put into Halo Wars 2 and was not disappointed one bit on release. This goes for Halo 5 aswell.

I can 100% guarantee Halo 6 will be another fantastic game and I really cant wait for the release!

Thanks for making all this possible <3

They got a Gem here. still needs a bit more post game polish to deal with reoccurring bugs but story-wise and art-wise, its what the fans needed post-5:Guardians