Apophis Fireteam wants Achilles

Do you want the Achilles Armor set? Looking for a casual Spartan Company that doesn’t have an extensive list of requirements to join? Join Apophis Fireteam now!We acquired 20 members in the last two weeks. But we want you and your friends. We play a mix of Warzone and Arena game types daily. Everyone has mics, so communication and camaraderie are encouraged.Our ONLY requirement is FREQUENT ACTIVITY. At least 10 hours of gameplay per week is all we ask. On average, that’s slightly less than an hour and a half per day. Easy, right?! If you consistently fall short of 10 hours per week you will be removed from the company.Other player preferences: (These are not required. Only preferred.)

  • Player has a microphone.
  • Player has a positive K/D.
  • Player is at least a 50 SR.
  • Player prefers playing in squads over lone wolfing it.
  • Player has other friends to recruit to Apophis Fireteam.Again, we are a casual crew, but don’t let that fool you. We all have a competitive nature and we want to win. We want to make progress on the Achilles Commendations. If you feel the same, request to join Apophis Fireteam TODAY!