aPK's list of bugs/problems that need fixed

Before I begin, I’d like to preface this thread by saying that the list of changes listed below are only included because they are absolutely needed because they are issues related to the functionality of the game. I understand competitive players want a Flag drop toggle, Sprint toggle, etc., but these are, at their core, just “wants” and not needs. With that said, these are issues that need changes and fixes as soon as possible:

Game Announcements (Multikills, Sprees, etc.) Are Not Made In Theatre Clips
-When you create a clip from a full film, the announcer no longer is audible.

No File Browsing On Waypoint
-This makes downloading files for community-submitted video projects very difficult and exhausting. Furthermore, this is a feature that existed in previous games and has been removed without explanation.

Inability To Change Vote In Pregame Lobby
-This is another feature that has been removed without explanation.

Lack of Precision Forge Controls
-Reach’s Forge controls allowed players to move objects slower and more precisely when holding in the Left Analog Stick. Additionally, players were able to zoom in on objects with the Right Stick to get a better handling of their precision movements. These controls have been removed without explanation.

“X” Waypoint for Dead Teammates No Longer Exists
-Another feature that has been removed without explanation.

Grifball “Ball Arm Time” Is Bugged
-Setting the Arm Time to any other setting than Instant does not actually change the Arm Time.

Geometry Holes on Ragnarok
-Holes have been found in the geometry of Ragnarok, most notably in the rock slabs to the left of the “beachside” base and on top of the bases.

Lack of Party Indicators In Matchmaking
-Another feature that has been removed without explanation.

Party Details Tell Significantly Less Details in Halo 4
-Another feature that has been removed without explanation.

Setting Ammo Count for Battery-Based Weapons Does Nothing
-Changing Ammo Count for batter-based weapons hasn’t had an effect every since Forge was introduced in Halo 3. Surprising to see this bug make its way into another game.

Weapons De-spawning Too Quickly If Not An Ordnance Weapon
-Players have noticed that weapons are despawning at a ridiculously quick rate after they have been dropped in comparison to past Halo games. This makes drop-spawning weapons (which creates static weapon spawns) a very inefficient method to spawning weapons.

Games Beginning With No Players On Opposing Team
-Games will somtimes begin with no players on one of the teams. This usually occurs when an entire team backs out after a game or the game after a game has ended because the entire team quit out. This bug is costing players Double XP games.

Alphabetical Order For Active Rosters
-Really confussing right now when trying to join friends parties or see who’s on, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be in this order.