API Campaign Stats not returning correct progress

So in the campaign stats API, I can pull out what missions have been completed and on what difficulties. However, something is going on that I don’t understand. I’ve completed all missions but the API doesn’t return one in particular. I’m assuming this is an edge case and possibly this is causing the api to not return any information:

> - Fixed an issue that caused the API to consistently return 500s for matches where a player left and rejoined the match.

Found on: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/01b3ca58f06c4bd4ad074d8794d2cf86/topics/halo-api-updates/94997399-b727-426b-8ccb-825eb55466e5/posts

Here is an example link:
It always returns 14 of the 15 coop missions even though waypoint shows that all missions are complete on coop.

Any clarification of this would help.


Can anyone confirm that campaign progress is not returned for missions that a player may have left and re-joined?


It sounds like you’re retrieving your Co-op Campaign progression information by calling the “GET Service Record: Campaign” API and it’s reporting that you haven’t finished one of the missions even though you have. Unfortunately, there’s a known issue for certain Campaign matches where the Stats service sometimes doesn’t have the complete information available, which sometimes prevents it from having mission stats in the manner you’re seeing here. Halo Waypoint uses a different data source, which is why it’s able to show your complete progress. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and this is something we’re working towards fixing.

The fixed issue that you’re referencing from the changelog was fixing a rare issue in the “GET Events for Match” API, which is a different than the “GET Service Record: Campaign” API that you’re calling, so unfortunately, it doesn’t apply.

Thanks for reporting this issue and let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for letting me know. Can you suggest any sort of workaround? Or are some users just out of luck until they complete that mission again?