APEX Sentinels are recruiting!

Hello there, I am APEX Wicked, the founder of APEX Gaming, an XBL community that has been in existence since New Years 2016. Since that time we have gotten into halo, and brought in a rather good group of spartans in apex sentinals. With joining our SC, we are looking for certain types of players to join us (not always the case in our regiments, but it’s how we’re running in Halo). Anyways, the following criteria should be met to join up.

  • Age 18+
  • SR 25+
  • At least a semi-active player
  • Join our private forums (APEX Gaming link) - we like active players here
  • Join our discord server(s) - we like active communication here

Some info to include when requesting a join to the Sentinals

  • Your Spartan Rank
  • Your time zone and your favorite game mode
  • Why you would like to join this mighty nation and be apart of our ever growing community
  • Please have read our entire Bio and include any questions you have about it
  • Please don’t use the default request as we will know you have not read the bio

Reasons to consider joining the Sentinals

  • We are a fast growing community and have different social medias to keep members updated and involved
  • This company promotes playing together as a team and together as a nation.
  • This is a company where players of all skill types are welcome. Players that are good or not good are welcome and encouraged to play together and possibly even get better
  • Are you tired of playing alone and not having anyone to play with? Than this company is for you. The goal of for this company is to have everyone playing with each other as much as possible. If you prefer to play by yourself than you are more than welcome.
  • We are just a single piece of a larger community that is building something greater on XBL.

If you have questions about our Halo Regiment & the SC that represents it, I ask you to get in touch with our Halo Regimental & SC Staff.

  • Hades2435

Questions about the pro group?

  • APEX Wicked

If you have questions about APEX as a whole clan and/or community, I ask that you get in touch with myself.
-APEX Wicked