Apex problems/

Hi Guys
I’m having a problem on Spartan ops in that all the chapters with the Apex title refuse to play on my xbox, i get as far as the rotating UNSC insignia then it freezes and either kicks me back to the home screen or just freezes up completely and i have to restart my xbox…Anyone got any ideas why this is happening and how to fix the problem ? Many thanks in advance.

Weird… have you tried uninstalling Spartan ops and reinstalling it?

Sounds like the game is having trouble reading that map.

  1. Make sure both of your Halo 4 discs are clean.
  2. From your Xbox 360’s storage, delete War Games, Spartan Ops episodes 1-5, and Spartan Ops episodes 6-10.
  3. Pop in disc 2 and reinstall War Games and Spartan Ops episodes 1-5. Then redownload Spartan Ops episodes 6-10.

See if that helps.

Please keep us updated on this issue and let us know if reinstalling does not remedy it.