Apex just announced 9v9 Ranked Strongholds starting next week

343 needs to give some feedback to users especially PC, before all are lost. (also Xbox, but controller is in a better place compared to kbm atm)

The only thing keeping the competitive PC users around was the fact that Halo was the #1 competitive respawn arena shooter, with that gone I don’t see any of them staying around which is a shame cause the last thing this game needs is loosing even more players.

For the love of God please give some feedback to your PC playerbase, are we gonna get some ballancing or kbm only tournaments in the future? Or should we all just pack our bags?


Unfortunately, 343 doesn’t give a damn about their M&K player base, so to answer your question: Either pick up a controller or pack your bags.

I hate the way Apex looks and the way the game feels, I stopped playing it after like a week.


^^same^^ I just dont see the appeal. It plays like titanfall which I thought was just an ok game. I guess the battle Royale formula really does work? Idk. I get bored of it and the RNG is just annoying.


Get an elite controller. Use all four paddles.

Bottom right paddle: jump

Upper right paddle: melee

Bottom left paddle: Sprint

Upper left paddle: switch weapon.

Aim assist + not taking your thumb off the stick = unbeatable aim.

I use this on PC

Other than that Mnk should have their own playlists and its own HCS too

6 years, half a billion dollars and it still came out half baked. Its not going to get fixed anytime soon. Not completely anyways.

What? Apex already is a far superior competitive shooter… You do realize that Battle Royale’s have tournaments/competitions right?

9v9 won’t do much competitively speaking, but could take users casually perhaps. 9v9 isn’t as Esports friendly as 4v4/5v5 or even lower is, because it means you split the prize pool far more, worse comms, harder to track what’s going on and etc. I cannot imagine any 9v9 mode being remotely successful competitively, by this logic BTB would’ve been an Esport long ago lol.

This is all valid criticism. Future of Infinite on PC is a bit up in the air, they haven’t even gave a timeline or anything for when they’ll be able to use PC’s at events.