APEX Gaming, rebuilding our Halo unit!

Hi there, I’m Wicked End89, the founder of APEX Gaming (an XB1 community). Our Halo division is one of our newest divisions offered by our community, and is always looking to both expand not only our primary roster to hit our 100 player cap, but we’re also looking for other small-mid size clans of equal or less numbers to join us under our banner, to bring the APEX numbers as high as possible and grow our community of players. Our goal with Halo is to host both pro/competitive and casual teams of players so that all can get the best out of what APEX has to offer to the gaming community. As of currently we don’t have all that many people in our little spartan company – but overall we are home to 150+ players from across the world – and we are looking for individuals such as yourself to join our growing community, as either a pro/competitive or casual player and show just what it means to play with and for APEX.

If you would like to join APEX Gaming’s Halo community as a new member, please visit the following links & join
Halo Roster: APEX Gaming XB1 :: Request join & it will be approved
APEX private forums: http://apexgaming.online :: Register w/ XB1 GT, post an introduction topic, get yourself acquainted w/ your fellow tankers & other clan mates.

If you would like to merge into APEX Gaming’s Halo community, we offer the following options…

  • Merge your entire SC into APEX’s SC to bolster our primary numbers (this is the only option right now, sorry)
  • Create a second APEX Gaming SC (currently unavailable until we fill up APEX)
    – You and whatever staff you have in your SC will be given APEX Staff positions.
    – Your members will be taken in no questions asked.
    – Once the clan grows to the point of our group is filling up, talk to myself & APEX Cblaze69 directly about starting up a secondary SC for APEX, so we can coordinate the setup for the initial few who will transfer over as the “officer elite” for the new SC.

Now, some things that you should know about our APEX Gaming community

  • We have been around solidly since the beginning of 2016.
  • We currently (as of the date of this posting) are home to (4) Operational Gaming Divisions.
  • Halo has always been deemed a top-priority division, as it has potential for every player type.
  • We are strictly an XB1 clan for primary gameplay.
  • We’ve often tended to play casually in APEX (as we did start off strictly casual), but we’re also looking to offer pro/competitive teams as well.
  • We at APEX are always looking for those players that want to take up the initiative and take on a higher role in the clan as a member of our growing staff team. If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to have you put in for a job. It only takes a few hours a week to do, and leaves you all the more time to play w/ your fellow spartans. (We’re definitely looking for staff of a pro/competitive nature to build a decent hard-hitting team of spartans that can come to be feared on the battlefield.)

So again, if you’re interested in reaching us & joining us, you can find our clan roster & website below. Also, thanks for your interest, it means quite a great deal to us at APEX that you’ve considered us in your search for a clan.

APEX clan page: APEX Gaming XB1
Our Homepage: http://apexgaming.online

APEX and Halo Staff
Wicked End89 - APEX Founder (non-halo)
APEX Cblaze69 - APEX Halo General
StyxphyMaster93 - APEX Halo Colonel
Hamuras - APEX Halo PR