APEX Gaming is recruiting

Hi there, APEX Gaming XB1 is currently in the process of creating our new Halo Division for our clan. Halo has always been a side project of mine, having played everything from Halo to Halo 5 on console, as such I wanted to create a division of my clan dedicated to players of both hardcore and casual play. Now, a little about APEX. We are an all ages, laid back clan that seeks to branch out into a variety of different XB1 games and offer a solid community for people to have fun. As of currently, Halo will be our fifth division opened in APEX (preceded by; Destiny, Division, Rainbow Six Siege, & World of Tanks.) As such, we are looking for players that want to take on a larger role in the Halo division right away. We have plenty of staff positions available (and the higher up you go, the more you can help mold the spartan company to your hours).

Therefore, if you want in, I suggest joining the spartan company (as linked in the beginning of this message) as well as join our growing community on http://apexgaming.online.
I hope to see you soon to really get this new APEX Division rolling!