APEX Gaming is recruiting active spartans!

APEX Gaming was founded by myself (APEX Wicked) in January of 2016 as an online gaming community for all players without a clan to find a home where they can make friends and have a good time. It is our goal to cater to both casual and professional players so that both sides of the gaming world have a solid base for where they can regroup and grow stronger with other like minded individuals. While we at APEX Gaming haven’t been around all that long, we’re always improving in our efforts to keep moving forwards and in the right direction of becoming better players and friends with one another, and when we win it keeps us thoroughly satisfied.

As of Currently, APEX Gaming has a few well established gaming divisions

  • World of Tanks (100+ members in two battalions)
  • Destiny (30+ members)
  • Rainbow Six (30 members)

and a few up and coming gaming divisions

  • Call of Duty (currently hiring & recruiting for AW, BOIII, IW, & MW(remaster)
  • Halo

We’re looking at expanding further as well into some of the following games

  • Titanfall 2
  • Battlefield 1
  • Sports/Racing themed games

With all of this in the works, we are looking for players that are looking for a home and are willing to continue to actively play the games of their choosing (out of what we offer for our clan, but not limited to of course) so that the APEX community continues to grow and thrive. For those that do come and join us, we also have a very easy rank structure to follow. The more active you are in our community, the higher your rank goes. So the more you play and stay active on our forums, the quicker you move up in the clan from “that new guy who just joined” to “that awesome guy who feels like he’s been here forever because he just clicks”.

What we offer at APEX Gaming

  • Private forums for our members to interact with the community at large
  • Private discord server for our members to chat
  • A variety of different games to play as a clan
  • Easy access to clan promotions, should one wish to move up in the hierarchy of command
  • A community of ~200 players who have been playing in their respective games together for anywhere from the last 4-11 months, always seeking to become better as a team and grow into a legion of like minded players.
  • A laid back attitude of wanting to have fun while also looking to win :: We don’t take kindly to poor attitudes or jerks wads
  • Growing pro teams (WoT & CoD), growing interest in R6 team
  • Sponsored by Fade Grips & Cinch Gaming (some decent discounts on products w/ our codes)

If you’re interested in joining us, we would be happy to have you. If you’re interested in taking on a staff position with us from the start, don’t hesitate to try out. If you want to play, find us at http://apexgaming.online

Hey I was just looking through the forums and i noticed that you have posted a lot promoting your clan and so i was wondering if you still have open spots available? I am currently looking for a spartan company/clan that i can join because i think that playing video games is fun, but playing video games is even better… But being able to play with a community where you feel like you belong? Now thats what I’m looking for!

Im an adult Halo player who plays almost daily and i love to work with a good team. I do have a mic (although i find i have to mute most of the lobbies i’m in as there tends to be a lot of squeakers and/or randoms who seem to enjoy shoving the mic down their throats and then proceeding to scream at the top of their lungs)
I have been playing Halo since it first came out on the original Xbox and I’ve played mostly Halo my whole life! I’ve tried other games such as COD, battlefront, and battlefield, but they just didn’t have the same vibe as Halo. I admit Halo has changed over the years but i feel like, with every new game that comes out i get to become better and better because of the different mechanics Bungie (and now 343) are putting into the game!

Anyways I’m starting to rant so I’m going to stop myself here, hopefully you consider my request to join, if you want to shoot me a msg on XBL my GT is Arktiik Venom!
Im on almost 24/7 so don’t worry about the time. I also have smart glass so if for whatever reason I’m not online I’ll see that you sent me a msg!

looking forward to your reply–Artkiik Venom