Anyway to lower minimum scaling to 800x600?

1024x768 still bottlenecks… Seriously its that simple. Even if I boot windows at 800x600 it still creates the 1024x768 windowed and boarderless. Giving it a half screen appearance. I understand theres a minimum they dont want to go under for rendering boarderlines. except I know the game runs on steamdeck. Which is way smaller. Than 1024x768.

EDIT: scratch that steamdeck runs at 1280x800. Once i restarted the pc and booted IT DID give me the 800x600 displayed resolution except the game doesnt recognize it as 800x600. I think its scaling up because I’m not seeing any improvements in performance. This game is so intensive. it bottlenecks with like 5% gpu usage. hahahahah.

EDIT2: It will recognize it at 800x577 if i maximize the 1024x768 window TO 800x600. But, it won’t scale down to 800x577. It will stick at 133%. It’s a slider that won’t go down. I want the default native monitor resolution except nothing here scales the window.

EDIT3: just to catch up down here. It’ll run at 800x600 except the scale gets stuck at 133% and will not scale down.

no offence but i would hate to play infinite on a steamdeck and try and enjoy it.

i can’t imagine the resolution, small screen size and sub optimial performance is worth it.

cpu graphics are just not designed for gaming.


Graphics cards are graphics cards. I am basically talking about processing power to run the game. I believe the steamdeck is powerful enough for that. Not assure of what they use graphically.

just to catch up down here. It’ll run at 800x600 except the scale gets stuck at 133% and will not scale down.

This is like the ability to run Doom on a graphing calculator, or display Skyrim on a premium pregnancy test.

Just because you can (or want to) doesn’t mean it’s practical.

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Oh, not at all. But, just because you don’t know how to do it either doesnt means you need to reply to this thread. lol.

I’m sure someone here could help in some capacity, but posting on a public forum is going to elicit responses such as mine.

The Steamdeck has some utility for untethered gaming, but it’s also important to understand the software and its limitations and Infinite has a lot of limitations.

I am assuming its a rtx DRS only type of deal and I only have gtx. “downsampling”