Anything you can do mods can do better

Can someone explain to me how is it on infinite mods are doing so much more then 343 is? I mean sure mods are doing more on all the games but I want talk about infinite specifically. Mods have made it possible to have custom Spartans in campaign. Mods have made playable elites and mods have cross core customisation with the event cores and armours that arnt even out yet and even more stuff then that and there doing all this stuff in a matter of weeks. these are all things 343 said they can’t do even the cross core stuff that they said was coming but we are still waiting on they said when cross core does come you probably won’t be able to mix with the special event cores yet here mods are getting it to work just fine.
So please someone explain to me why 343 are having so much trouble with this stuff when there a full team with a budget yet mods who are normally 1 person with no budget are doing these things just fine and faster at that?

They just don’t want to. Cross core for example “hurts” their sales in the store as they think. The reality is we’ll buy more if one piece of armor can be used across all cores.

Yes and no. No, it would hurt their sales in the store, this is due to their plans to re-sell the same or very similar items for each core, cross core make this impossible to do. Yes, they just don’t want to.

@M00NLight_Ninja @Funky173 See my other post about it here:

I think there have so to do and there are so many groups in halo to please and I know older titles did it but game development have changed a lot . Mods are amazing in infinite and MCC