Anything Necessary

Just some suggestions that I think 343i should definitely keep in Halo Infinite, some small, some big. Let’s get started.

First up, introduces in Halo 5, Machinima Mode. When I first saw this I was absolutely blown away and incredibly happy that it was an option. I finally had a way to lower my weapon simply, take some cool screenshots, all that Jazz with ease. It should definitely be a feature that returns.

Next, something that was absent from Halo 5, Theater for Campaign. This kinda links in with my last suggestion but I really think it would be amazing for content creators and the like.
(i kinda miss it)

One last thing I’d like to have is the best Forge yet. Taking elements from Halo 5 with its expansive selection of detail, it’s awesome scripting, and mixing it with some more simple items like Halo 4 and Halo: Reach had.

Anything that hat you guys might want to see return? Leave ‘em down!

Hey OP, appreciate the time you put into this but there are already a multitude of active wish list threads available. Rather than everyone creating a separate topic for their own wants and wishes, best to try and keep that number down. Feel free to add your thoughts to any of the existing threads, thanks :slight_smile: