Anything less than a primary and secondary armor color in any combination is a scam

You should not settle for anything less than what was a baseline feature in 2004.

Halo 2 launched with 18 colors unlocked, and each one could be applied as primary and secondary in any combination.

Halo Infinite launched with 10 colors unlocked. No secondary, unless you count preset combinations that you have to unlock multiple times. Some of the most basic colors are locked behind a paywall depending on which armor you want to use.

Yes, the game is free to play, but I am willing to bet you will spend more than $50-$60 to get even close to the level of color customization offered in even the earliest of games in this franchise.


Yep. Absolutely agree.

I’m willing to compromise… they can sell gloss or metallic finishes of each color. They can sell cool patterns like camouflage or tie-dye. But we should absolutely have at least the Halo2 level of customization at launch. Ideally, we could choose the color for each wedge of our coating. I’ve always been white primary/orange secondary and can’t currently have that. Not even if I WANTED to pay for it.