Anyones Series X shut off playing Infinite

So yesterday my Xbox Series X turned off twice yesterday , Once in the menus loading a game and second during a 4v4 match… after that my Xbox ran for hours no issues…

Anyone else have this happen ? , my Xbox is in a well ventilated area and the room is cool as well.

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I had some issues during the flights and only once with the final release.

With the final build my issue was that during a game, my game hard crashed and my console could only be hard reset from the button.

I run Performance mode, 120Hz , 1440p

PS. During flights I had many issues with application crashing to console shutdown

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My Xbox Series X hasn’t crashed yet, currently running 60Hz at 4K UHD.

I haven’t had an issue yet with my Series X. But I had this issue during the flights. I was able to crash my who console consistently on the loading screens if I did certain actions.

I haven’t had this since the release of the beta though, so that’s concerning that it still lingers. It’s worth raising a support ticket for if you keep getting it.

I’m running performance mode on console on a 4K 120 screen.

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Forgot to mention I’m running 4K in Performance mode

Support ticket for my Xbox or for halo ?

This is the only game and only time it’s ever happened since I’ve owned it… but I haven’t played BF2042 on my Xbox but I hear that’s shutting peoples series x off as well

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I haven’t experienced an involuntary shutdown yet, but these units get hot. I’ve got a fan redirecting the heat away from my shelf and into the open air, but even before that, it still didn’t shut down.

I want to suggest thermal throttling, but I have no idea.

I’ve never had my console shut down but I have had my TV reboot multiple times - series x, LG CX, dolby v/a 120hz

I can’t load into the game anymore after a few days of hard crashing every few games. Now it freezes and hard crashes my Xbox in the menu. I have to resort to cloud gaming just to play.

With Halo. I had it happen with other games in alpha and beta on Series X, but it’s all down to the game and I normally don’t see the issue again when the gas releases.
The console shuts off to protect itself from any damage when it reads a persistent issue with a game. So unlike the Xbox 360 and original Xbox One, instead of seeing a white flashing screen and loud noise (or something like that), when a serious error occurs in a game, the console just shuts off.

Nope, neither in flights or during this beta. But of course it takes me offline if I quick resume, which is understandable!

I’ve only had my Series X for about a week and so far I’ve only had Halo Infinite lock up (for lack of a better word) in the middle of a hell of a game I was having. I had to do a hard reset to get it back. But so far that’s been it.

Give your console a hard reset to clear the cache memory
That (in theory) should solve the issue

I seen some people on Reddit with this same issue, and they can’t seem to figure it out either

I have had this issue but only like some days

no, but I have to restart the game everytime if not servers are not accessible or something like that,

I’ve solved my issue , plugging my Xbox directly into the wall instead of my power bar got rid of the shutdowns!

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Nvm it’s still there , trying to complete the daily challenges is impossible as the console keeps shutting down , tried different plugs even tested my plugs with a multimeter….

This is so annoying

Yea that sounds like a hardware issue my dude. You might want to reach out to Xbox tech support.

I’m going to wait till the 8th and see if it still persist , it’s the only game I’ve tried that does this