Anyone's Halo Infinite is still stuck in offline mode? over a month still no fix in sight?

The game is unable to go online at all times LAUNCHING FROM Steam. Everything is unable to use except for the campaign (thank goodness the campaign works, but im not getting any achievements unlocked because it keeps thinking it is offline.

All multiplayer features is stuck offline. But somehow if I run the Halo Infinite multiplayer downloaded from Microsoft Store, I am able to connect to the online multiplayer.

Now, the problem with the Infinite campaign on steam is I found the armor coating unlocks in the campaign but it doesn’t unlock on the Armory even if i go into the Microsoft Store Infinite version.
It has been over a month since launch and there just seems to be no fix at all. It is very frustrating. Re-installing windows, reinstalling the game everyday etc.

I tried checking teredo to see if there is anything wrong but nope

netsh interface teredo show state
Teredo Parameters
Type : natawareclient
Server Name :
Client Refresh Interval : 20 seconds
Client Port : unspecified
State : qualified
Client Type : teredo client
Network : unmanaged
NAT : cone
NAT Special Behaviour : UPNP: Yes, PortPreserving: Yes