Anyone wna join?

Hi Halo squad. I made a company called Apex Elite. I figured I ask but I don’t really have a crew to link up with. I don’t live on the box but I do play as much as I can. I’m loyal, competitive, fun and active as much as possible. Pretty good shot and support system too. I wanted to try this post because I couldn’t find any commited friends that are up for a company invite, and couldn’t find anyone as commited as I am about this game. I love it. Halo is my favorite game from the jump. I might sound weird now but would anyone be interested joining my squad or maybe linking up with another squad? I literally don’t have it active due to a 4 player minimum. If anyone’s interested I can have y’all join (maybe become luitentants lol) or maybe I can link up with a company out there…

Wrong forum. You wanna post this on the Recruitment/Spartan Companies sections.

Also, its lieutenants.