Anyone with Xlink Kai wanna play?

I have a server up right now if anyone wants to play with me. It’s CTF on Blood Gulch. I will accept requests to do anything else. You must have Xlink Kai.

Edit: XBConnect is giving me issues, so if anyone has Xlink Kai, come on in!

Server is up again if anyone’s interested…

I was gone by the time this was sent out. But if I wasn’t, then I would have gladly joined.

Don’t worry about it! If you want, we could set up a time so we can have this happen already! I wanna play Blood Gulch CTF!

I will play as well, just got XLinkKai set up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi get in touch if you want to set up a regular game on xlink kai or xboxconnect, live in London if that matters usually 4 of us play at weekends email