Anyone want to trade there web for forest?

I know there is a forum on this already however when I signed in I could not find it again. I do not want my forest armor skin because too many people are going to use it most likely. I wanted the web skin from to start with but I do not have a credit or debit card. If anyone wants to trade with me please send me a message on because I do not want to hunt for this post. I might not be able to trade on day one because I moved and I will need an internet connection. For now I will go back and forth to a relative’s house that has internet. I have a job so I will only be online once a week (if that). You will trade your code first to make sure no one gets riped off. I guss you are thinking the same thing so if you do not trust me I understand.

I ment YOU WILL TRADE YOUR CODE FIRST to make sure no one gets riped off.

Use that topic please :slight_smile: