Anyone want to recruit an Australian?

I’m looking for a clan that accepts Australians because they seem really hard to find :’(
I’m 15 years old, not a squeaker, have been playing halo since halo 1, have a 2.07 k/d (I think) and am looking for a semi competitive clan. If you think you could use me in your clan don’t hesitate to reply to this thread, I’m happy to try out or talk to the clan leader or whatever.
Thanks for reading this, hope to see you soon

The S O Q D Spartans Of Quantum Destruction accept accept members from all over the world the only requirement is you speak good english are mature respectfull and have a positive k/d msg me to join gt MEAN BEAN1254

The UPSILON clan would be glad to have you. We are an army based clan with multiple divisions. Army, Navy, Marines, and a couple more. A lot of people in the clan tend to go into matchmaking together, since we are a teamwork based clan. The leaders make tactics and do a bootcamp for recruits. You can check out more at Hope you reply, and if you do I’ll find out when you can get into a bootcamp. My GT is maroyasha or just message me here.