Anyone want to play on PC?

So far I haven’t had luck finding forums with players hosting matches so I thought I would start. It seems so far the only way to play on Halo 5: Forge is by creating a fireteam with gamertags you follow. My gamertag is lmar1020. That’s a lowercase L not an I. Follow me and shoot a message when you want to play on PC and post your gamertags so others on PC can follow you and play. So far, my only disappointment is there is no ultrawide resolution support for 2560x1080p or 3440x1440p but the game looks and feels great. Feel free to post what settings work best for you too. I switched raw mouse input on because I felt too much weapon sway and it fixed it.

Hey buddy! I’d like to play!

StrngeMaelstrom is my gamertag

halo on Pc?

Yeah man! Halo Forge comes with custom multiplayer, which means if you can put a fireteam together, you can play some halo :slight_smile:

Always down to play Halo.

GT is vi Kirito iv

Just started spartan Company Chaos Omen for the purpose of setting up PC custom and forge lobbies. Anyone who wants to join is welcome.

Yup I’m on PC hit me up. MunkyGoB000M


Are you all still on? Would like to get a lil action on Halo 5 Forge. GT: Mr BLACK MAGIC5

Hello! my GT: XxHoly CowxX

Yea I been trying to get into a spartan company for custom games on it myself. but ofcourse two days later after i requested to join two big halo 5 forge pc spartan companies still nothing from either. this blows. litterally the only reason i even bothered to upgrade from win 7 to 10.