Anyone want to play Destruction Derby???

Prolly 9ish EST? It’s Rocket Hog race with some rules. Basically the rules are no going for flags untill 2 minutes left in the game. Other than that It’'s Blow anything up. Would prefer people with map packs as the new map is sweet for hog race not sure if they have it in matchmaking though. Can anyone confirm if they do?

They do have Hog Race, but there isn’t about about blowing stuff up.

People would came and wait until two minutes are left in game to get the flags.

What I’m saying is these are the rules I play with when playing with friends… Wanted to see if anyone else wanted to get in on the fun. and it is fun as hell!!! And no we don’t boost. We kill anyone. We just don’t start the race for flags till 2 minutes left in the game