Anyone want to get a 50 with me?

I am currently a 25 in TS and want to get to 50. I figure I shouldn’t keep playing with “randoms” because it is harder to win and if I loose It is harder to rank up again.

I am a 41 in lone wolves but I can’t seem to rank up anymore.


A good mic(not a kinect mic)
At least a 35 in any ranked playlist
get atleast 10-20 kills per TS
A nice friendly person
over 12 years old

*Plz don’t reply if you are under 35 of go more than -5 on team slayer against lvl 30s& 40s
*This is pretty serious and I want to get to 50 somtime withing the next 2 weeks
*I don’t do “MLG callouts” but you are more than welcome to, but I like to play serious and work together

sorry I would like to help but I don’t play halo 3 much anymore, but if you need help with Reach then i would be happy to help

Here’s a thread you might be interested in.

Sure my GT is xThe Prodiigyx But i’m not going on xbox until tomorrow because I was Banned on Xbox Live For having my motto Andrew Symon is a -Yoink!-.