Anyone want their videos rendered?

I have like 46 minutes left that I’ll never use, since I don’t play Reach anymore, and I have a capture card now. So I might as well just use it on the community, and it’s ‘343’ day so might as well try and give something back.

Just post your video below and I’ll render it.


Wow, I completely forgot about this thread. Sorry for the delay, I rendered your clip goobot.

So… 36 minutes left if anyone wants anything rendered.

Here you go, good sir.

Rendering would be greatly appreciated and may be rewarded with cookies.

If you’re still feeling generous, I wouldn’t object. :slight_smile:

Both rendered. I have 23 or 24 minutes left.

Good man, thank you.


if it’s not to much to ask…

If you’re willing, I’d love this rendered.

This one please.


this and this

> This one please.


If you’re still doing this feel free to render these two. (lol)

> > This one please.
> O.O

It is for you :slight_smile:
Giving you blue balls wasn’t the laugh I got out of the clip, your blue balls killing a teammate for the double was what made me giggle.