Anyone Want the Return of the Hit Detection from CE

Anyone who has played CE for the PC probably remembers the hit detection. You know that little beep you heard everytime you hit someone. I just loved it when I heard that beeping noising while I’m shooting someone. I can understand that some people might find it anoying so 343 should add it as a toggle on/off.

So what do you think? Do you want the hit detection back from CE or not?

I am all for options. I wouldn’t be against it as long as it was optional.

Only if it’s an option that is off by default.

Yeah I like that idea. For some reason little feedback noises are really rewarding. Like in Halo 2 people’s shields realllly lit up when you shot them. It was always rewarding to me to go from shooting that bright shield to them having no shield. Then, I get the head shot. So much fun.

Love that noise. Needs to come back as an option.

I actually miss the beeping noise from H:PC. But I think it should be an option to turn on/off. Forching people to hear that beeping if they don’t want to (which can get on your nerves) isn’t a good idea.