Anyone want a Zanizbar remake?

Anyone want a Zanzibar remake or a map inspired by that map made properly by 343? Zanzibar was a halo 2/3 icon and i always had fun on that map, would be intersting if 343 could make a map similar to that. I wouldn’t know how they would edit it to work with halo 5 but it would be nice to see

Agreed on Zanzibar.
Personally I’d also like to see:
Lockout, Ascension, and Ivory Tower as well from Halo 2. I would include Midship and Coagulation but we have Truth (mini midship) and Basin (kind of like Coagulation/Blood Gulch with a mid tower)
Guardian and the Pit from Halo 3.
Sword base from Halo Reach.

Whenever my friends remember back to the previous halo installments, these are honestly the maps we vividly recall having fun on.

Why not?