Anyone want a Halo veteran to play with? =)

I’m in need of some people to play games with. I’ve been away from xbox live for 5 years and 90% of my online friends don’t have accounts anymore or I can’t find their new GT. So if you want, drop me a friend request and tell me you got my tag from here.
I’m Slam713

I’ve been playing Halo since the first game became popular. My friend had the game and we had no idea it would become this worldwide phenomena. He actually traded me his Halo for my Terminator game. (Which was horrible.). But yeah. I’m not going to say I’m amazing at Halo. I’m a step up from decent and can hold my own. I’m also a team player and if you come up with a strategy, I’m willing to give it a shot. Not one of those “I’m doing what I feel like, regardless of the team objective.”. So add me.

Hello Sir and welcome to THE WAYPOINT

Welcome to Waypoint! Unfortunately I’m not on the Xbox much anymore. But if you can’t find anyone from here to play with you can always try making a thread in the Recruiting forums, asking for people to add you. Also, feel free to use this template so that we can get to know you better. Just copy it, edit your original post, and past it in there.

Havok Gaming summary
Has over 50 members
Communicate in 8 member parties everyday
Training sessions in flying driving and tactitions
Play slayer and objective with precise communication in between squads
Have a ranking system
Have squads/packs
Must speak english and understand it
Easy to join send machine965 (no space) a message on X360 or on here and ill get to you ASAP

UNSC Marine Corps.

We could use more people like you. How about you join the UNSC Marine Corps.? We are a Halo only clan that is themed off of UNSC Marines & ODST’s. We currently have 23 members & are rapidly growing. We do not have an armor system, so you do not have to change your Spartan armor. We do however use an emblem. This would be mandatory. You would also have to be a regular user of our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to join now, please click the first link below. If you want to watch our recruitment video, click the second link below. Have a good day.


Recruitment Video:

To anyone who posts: Sorry boys & girls, he’s with us now.