Anyone want a 2 player designed parkour challenge?

Well do I have the map for you. I present, RaceTrack: Co-oP!

The map itself is built as a puzzle/platformer combined together to make a nasty, evil, teeth gritting and buddy hating co-op experience! You will 100% despise your friend after only 20 minutes of puzzling/parkouring fun, yeah it’s gonna be tough (And I really do mean "tough…"

So I hope you guys enjoy and if you do play it I would love to see any videos or whatever your final time was when you completed the gauntlet :wink:

(No less and no more than 2 players only)

Map >

Gametype >

(No less and no more than 2 players)

When you and one of your friends just completed a hard jump map and immediately think “let’s try something different.” I guess this will be it