Anyone wanna play with me?

I reaaaaaaaaally need friends who will play halo or other games with me, but mainly halo. Playing matchmaking and getting matched up with random teammates who wont listen when i actually speak, or who grief/de-rank, in the case of h3, grows tiresome, and when I go on the PC to play halo CE, I end up spending like, five minutes, before losing interest in the game. I play h3, halo reach, halo 4, when I have live, and on the pc, I have halo PC/CE, and I also have Halo Wars on the xbox, as well as a buttload of other non-halo games(may or may not be true), but now a days, it’s less about playing the game and more about playing with friends. I honestly, in my half a decade of playing xbl, have made like, 2 or 3 friends directly from matchmaking. The friends I have on my FL are either people I actually know, or people I added from my friends’ FL. I reaaaally wish I had more people to play with that played the same stuff as I do, even if it isn’t just halo that we play. If you get what I’m saying, send me a friend request at my GT, or you can contact me on skype if you wanna play pc games. If you wanna know what games I have, just ask, but plllllzzzz, someone play with me.

I don’t talk very loud, and I might even be mute at times, but I really do just want to play with people and make friends, not just hop on matchmaking, lose interest after like, 3 games, and then sit around doing nothing.

Skype: d4rk_s7ar

Also, the Is in my GT, are lower case Ls. Someone took DarkStarXIII, with the upper case i’s, and the dude doesn’t even play xbl often. D:[

EDIT: I feel the need to specify this, but as you can tell from my unique avatar, I am a member of Infinite Productions. We aren’t exactly a “clan”, but we are a group. Please do not try to invite me to a gaming community/clan, because unless I already chose to message you first about your clan or gaming community or whatever, I am probably not interested. It’s not personal, and I mean no offense, but I already do stuff with the group…like posting in their RP…and I don’t think I could handle joining a clan or deal with clan meetings/practices and the like. I am looking for a group of friends to just play games with. Friends. And it doesn’t have to just be halo. Heck, it doesn’t have to just be xbox, i have a ps3, and a laptop as well, and I can also buy a few other games. I just seriously don’t like spending day in and day out with no one to play with when I’m not doing other things(nothing at all). Even just having a group of friends to play games with and/or chat with on skype about stuff. Not a clan, where it becomes a chore.