Anyone wanna make an ODST themed Clan?

If your in message me at da bears1326 on xbox and message below

Yes actually I was just thinking that. PM Me on Xbox Live if you want or PM on waypoint your skype name, if you have skype.

Hey if you guys r looking for an ODST Squad or something you can join The ODST Division in Shadowblade for details message me on xbox360

I am looking to create not to join an existing clan.

Fire and da bears i make recruiting vids let me know if u want one done

Is there any restrictions?

Can I join

I added the OP but he has yet to accept it.

Ok so I guess the OP is not going to be doing this but I still would like to, So does anyone want to make an ODST related clan with me. PM me on waypoint or message me on Xbox Live.