Anyone use mic on Warzone?

After having played primarily H1/H2 (where mic use was very common), I bought MCC and noticed no one ever used a mic. I figured it was because of the never ending bugs exhibited by MCC. Fast forward to H5 last night (which I’ve been enjoying), I notice no one uses their mic (I focused on Warzone primarily). Does anyone know if I’m not using it properly? When I talk the speaker icon indicates I’m speaking but I rarely hear any dialogue from other team members. Any suggestions on how I might be able to play more games with a team communicating re in-game strategy (vs. just insults, etc)?

People always talk in the lobby and then when we’re in the game Silence maybe they are always put on another team? annoying :frowning:

Is there a large group of people who will group up for warzone games that use a mic? It would be nice to have a big group or something so it is easy to find people to use mics on a team

Ya I noticed that last night, I was playing on a team if mutes it seems.

It seems the volume is very low for me. Anyone else having this issue?

I do miss lobby chats from time to time but I think in my older age, I’m less tolerant of high pitched screechy kids shouting out racist/homophobic slurs. Also the idiots that blast their rubbish hip-hop/R’nB down mic (why is it always hip-hop/R’nB?) do my head in. I got fed up with having to mute each person individually so I stick to party chat when I can and only talk to my friends.