anyone up for some Halo wars 1 online play

I would really like to play this game online again but I need people to do this with and I need help getting my Auto difficulty up above 78 which is hard to do with AI is so hard and my Username is my gamertag and I would like to play with people who can help me play this game online and be good at this game I tend to rush people with marines cause I used to play StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void and I really like to use either Captain cutter and Sergeant Forge as my UNSC Leader and I use Arbiter and Brute Chieftain as my top two leaders for the Covenant and these 4 are my top favorite to play as when I do some solo offline skirmishes. The two leaders I hate in this game are Anders and the Prophet are just the worst cause they have the worst units and I like that you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to get hawks. I Also do not have a microphone for my Xbox so the only way I can communicate with you is either messaging over xbox one messenger or just start a conversation with me. I do like to spend several minutes just building up my economy before I do anything if I am cutter I tend to build a barracks and then two reactors and then an air pad to pump out hornets and Vultures and for forge I do the same but instead of an air pad I build a vehicle depot then pump out scorpions and then grizzlies.

I haven’t played Halo Wars in so long. Try posting in the Recruiting Forums as well. You might have some better luck over there. I’m not saying this was the wrong place to post, I’m just saying you might have some better luck.