Anyone up for obstical course contest

Hey I am Sneakkiller 7 I host Halo contest all the time all u got to do is msg me hey i want to be ur friend an compete in ur contest
these r the contest I do

1.Master Mongoose Driver winner gets 15$
2.MasterParkour winner gets 15$
3.Master Confusion winner 50$

There all obstical courses if u want to compete just msg an friend meig u think im bluffing im not im legit as they come
I am just trying to creat a better world starting with the Halo world 343 let us down but we cant giv up in the mean time
lets just play for fun an the contests im always online or at work im 23years old i am a Halo Forger

youtube channel halo sk customs

343 fix our game plz

I’m up for it. My gamertag is “paradlse.”

I wanna do a contest. Sorry for leaving the clan. Waimea rock