Anyone up for more Firefight maps?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to start by saying after playing Unearthed I would really like more Firefight maps, either in a Firefight map pack or a mixed varient like Defiant. Unearthed is very fun, especially with more people, but I would like being Invaded by two sides of a battlefield, for example 2 fireteams of 2 defending dropzones from Covenant. Also having the ability to have friendly Reinforcements, i.e Marines. A list of different types of Marine would be like this:

Marines - Standard Marines with ARs, Pistols.

Marine Marksmen - Marines with either DMRs or Sniper rifles.

Marine Heavy - Marines equipped with Rocket Launchers, Grenade launchers or Spartan Lasers.

Marine Miscellaneous - A mixed varient with random Marine units.

These Marines will arrive in 1 Pelican and only arrive with more at the end of a round.

The Map: Facility

Based on the base at the beginning of “Long Night in Solace”, you would be helping defend this base from a large Covenant strike force. You would spawn inside the [ and would have access from the door to the [url= >__**Control Room**__]( >Base[/url)to the end of the [. The Pelican with the Marine reinforments would arrive at the [url= >Front of the Base]( >Beach[/url). Enemy dropships (Spirits) would be deployed [and at **[url= >The Dock]( >On the Beach__ [/url)**__.


On the map tho start of with there would be 2 turrets one on the wall overlooking the Dock, the other on the right side of the Base. 1 Rocket would be next to the Turret on the right, and 1 Sniper next to the turret next to the Dock. A Spartan Laser may be included next to the AA crate on the Campaign Mission.

Enemy units:

As I said before Spirits will be delivering the troops, including Wraiths and Ghosts. Jackal Snipers will be on the Rock walls on the Beach and single drop pods will be dropped with high ranked Elites (Generals or Zealots).

Please comment and if you would like this please keep it alive :slight_smile:

I may include a video of some gameplay of the mission later on.

I love Firefight. I think Unearthed is awesome even though I haven’t had the chance to play 4 players on it yet. BUT I’m gonna have to say no to any new firefight maps. Unless it’s possible to make a good enough map that would work for both Firefight and Multiplayer.

The reason I like Firefight is because their isn’t enough maps in multiplayer and out of the small amount offered only very few are good. 343i needs to focus on beefing up the good multiplayer map count in this game. It’s off to a nice start with Highlands and Condemned being awesome. I just wish we had more.

Don’t get me wrong… Frankie is the man but I have no idea where he got that Firefight maps were in high demand… The only thing I would have ever guessed to be in high demand in Reach would be a title update according to bnet.

New Maps for multi are a must. Firefight is already good now they need to give some steroids to multiplayer.