Anyone up for a good-bye to halo party in arizona?

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So halo series is officially crap, We got more then enough info, we got way too much info actually. They are on the road to ruining halo as we speak, we don’t need anymore details guys we really dont.
So any one up for a good-bye to halo party in arizona, I got 4 lcd and we can play halo 2 and drink some beers and remember the good ol’ days just bring your own xbox. ahhhh those were the days…

“We got more than enough info” No, actually, we did not. We were given some simply, brief descriptions of a few features. That’s it. They were not explained in detail, were not explained in regards to how they would work and affect the gameplay as a whole. Have fun living in the past and refusing to accept any change or progress in a series that desperately needs it. I’m not interested in a Halo goodbye party, but I am interested in a party where people don’t get butthurt at the mention of any change that might alter how the game plays, that might make it less simple than previous entries.