Anyone think the Mantis will return in Halo infinite?

I hope the mantis makes a return in Halo infinite because their was a Halo mantis toy and we never even got it :confused: :sob:


I would certainly like to see it in Halo: Infinite or failing that a future Halo game. My one request If they do bring it back is to add a rendition of the mantis theme from Halo 4-5 as that was one of my favorite themes from Halo 4-5. They could even make mantis variants similar to how the warthog has the rocket and gauss variants, only thing is I donโ€™t know what the Mantis variants would be.

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If there is no gauss warthog there will be no mantis both are too powerful and donโ€™t fit in the sandbox sadly.

But theirs both in halo5 lol

I want every vehicle ever. All the variants. Oni Gauss hog. Check. Temple revenant. Yes please. Oni wasp. Mouth watering.


Honestly no i donโ€™t. It never really fit into the UNSC that Bungie had established as a more grounded army. Sure they have space ships but all their vehicles seemed very similar to our own. The Covenant had mech like vehicles in the Scarab and the mantis seemed to be more of a 343 thing and now that they have gone back to the Bungie art style im not sure it fits.

If it does come back i wont be upset at all i just have no desire to see it come back. I do wish some other vehicles would come back so i do get the sentiment.