Anyone still playing Halo MCC?

I want to play more MCC online but coming from the EU it’s even more difficult, hoping that Infinite pulls players off with how dissapointing it is and MCC can thrive again.

Sure custom game browser not as full as initial release, but I still find matches just as quickly tbh. Steam population has actually even gone up thanks to Steam sales. In what ways are you noticing a drop in population? Particular mode/game?

I’m still getting matches but I’ve had moments where I’ve been on the searching for players screen for quite a while during US peak times. It’s not always that bad though but I’ve noticed it in FFA and BTB in particular but I’ll be honest I do avoid reach if I can but if it’s slow then I’ll enable reach.

I played it two days ago without problems :love_you_gesture:

Yeah well today it’s balls up. Can’t get into any matches at all

well maybe its the time i am playing but i really have no problems finding ( at least when searching alone ) ranked games. xou are right maybe one minute is not always correct but never more then 3 for me.

Personally I haven’t had issues but I have played with guys from the Europe that have told me it’s easier for them to find matches by partying up with me. Sometimes my wait times go up in ranked but generally I can find matches in most modes and in social

I can find matches in ranked as well, it’s only that it would be better as an European to activate na servers. Searching only on European servers really limits on what time of the day you can find games in ranked

I tried playing a few mcc games yesterday but with all the spawn killing and teammates leaving the game is no longer fun.

I had this issue last week. I kept playing tour 9s and 10s. I was also finding a lot of 50s. After tomorrow I’m probably going to give MCC a rest for a bit until they release new content. Hopefully we have an update in the near future.