Anyone still playing Halo MCC?

I tried to search some players in MCC Matchmaking, but I’m waiting… waiting… still waiting

Halo Infinite is really good. I tried a match and I like it in the multiplayer side, but it’s sad to see that the game is stealing the attention

Infinite is definitely taking attention away from the mcc. It might be due to what you’re looking for in a match. I know sometimes I’ll limit it down to just swat on reach and it can take a few minutes to find a match. If you can and are willing to, I’d suggest broadening your search options as much as you can, ie more modes and games selected or even allowing crossplay between pc/console and controller/keyboard.

single player mostly, but noticed yesterday i couldnt find any online matches…sooooo i guess infinite is doing what it is suppose to do

I’ve been playing single-player these past 3 days but before it I could find multi-player games, it’s just it takes a bit longer but not too long for me although I was in a 2-4 man squad playing Halo CE so eh.

I do still play MCC occasionally. However, when it comes to matchmaking, I do only limit myself to Firefight.

Due to this, I cannot say anything about the multiplayer matchmaking search times and how the release of Halo Infinite multiplayer has affected the overall search times. When it comes to Firefight matchmaking, my data set is too small to draw any definitive conclusions other than that I would view it as feasible that the population as decreased and the search times has increased.

MCC’s population was unblemished by Infinites release. The usual 11,000 last night while Infinite lost 100,000 on steam since release on a Monday night.

I was finding games super consistently on MCC Reach yesterday, and only searching Slayer, not objectives too.

I do ! It’s really weird you couldn’t find a game, I play everyday and while I feared Infinite would kill the MCC, it only takes few seconds to find a game.

See you on the battlefield ! :slight_smile:

I still play MCC. Honestly people will flock back to MCC soon enough. It has all the classic games and many will want to come back and re experience it all over again.


Give it about a year, maybe 14 months, if 343 doesn’t clean up their act with Infinite MCC will steal back the popularity fairly easily.

Probably because all those who were riding the Infinite hype train and ignored warnings from other players to not let hype blind them, let hype blind them, then when Infinite released, they realized the EXACT kind of game they got. Personally I plan to stick to MCC and only do Infinite for Fracture events and maybe custom game whenever 343 manages to fix custom game types crashing the game.


I got halo 3 matches on a monday morning, yeah its active.

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Still playing it more than Infinite, myself. Finding games alright.

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Running through achievements but I usually grab the weekly challenges on PVP plus I’m going for the environment kills on H2A…. But yes struggled to get matched here and there…

I can imagine it will be like it for a few months. Hopefully people will come back.

Nice - I wish we could see how many Xbox players there are too. Bit like the old H3 playlist counter.

I’m playing on steam with cross play, and thankfully I haven’t had a hard time finding any social games. I haven’t touched ranked in a while, so I have no clue what the wait times are like for that.

Rarely recently.

Ever since Infinite’s multiplayer arrived; I uninstalled the multiplayer components of MCC since I have all of the multiplayer achievements unlocked and I don’t go to PvP that often than I used to.

It’s really hard to find a match, I managed to play a few FF doubles over the week and in like 20 games I’ve maybe played 4 where my teammate didn’t leave in the very first wave.

Matches take forever to find and even when you do people just leave which is a pain. There’s currently a Steam Sale on MCC (-50%) so I’m sure that will cause at least a small surge in new players.

i still play Halo MCC. Halo Infinite looks great but its a beta. Custom Games does not work in Halo Infinite, ( but off line Custom Games Work ) So what I did I put up my Halo MCC server till 343i gets their act together about Halo Infinite.

Almost every day! Though I have dropped off of multiplayer with Infinite’s release.

I still play a ton of campaign though!

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