Anyone still playing Halo 5 multiplayer?

I kinda feel like coming back to its multiplayer after playing Halo Infinite/other Halo games. But then I would have to pay for Xbox live again and I don’t want to do that and realize finding a game takes forever.

How long is it to find a match and on what modes? Specically Action sack, warzone modes, and prob breakout.
Also any of you still play the game today or just sit in the forums?


This is are all my experiences with Halo 5 in the last year. I am in Europe and mostly play in the evening. It is kinda impossible to find a match in breakout.
Super Fiesta Slayer I usually find a match pretty quick. Warzone Firefight is also very alive and a lot of people still enjoy that mode.

I don’t have the time to play every day but when I am at home I always play a few rounds.


Warzone tske time but i can find ranked slayer matches easily snd firefight

I have been playing MCC mostly lately but have been considering loading up some H5… Does it still have that husky raid playlist. I definitely didn’t play enough of that when it was available.

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I still play Halo 5, obviously. I don’t touch Ranked Arena modes anymore because they’re no longer fun. Plus, I’ve embraced the pure chaos and beauty that is the Halo 5 weapon sandbox by way of playing a LOT, and I mean a LOT of Super Fiesta Party matches.

To @LethalQ, Husky Raid is now part of the Super Fiesta Party playlist. It pops up at random.

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Depends on time and location, i can almost always find games in super fiesta and warzone ff with some waiting. Warzone games can i find only on weekend evenings/nights tho

Ah well I was going to check it out but I keep getting "unable to connect to H5 lobby service "… So I guess the H5 servers are down right now for some reason. Guess it’s back to some MCC.

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Xbox servers are down currently, MCC wont work either

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Just came on here to say this… And it’s a pretty big outage apparently.

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My son has begun getting into Halo multiplayer with me. His favourite out of all so far is Halo 5. He likes the look, the aesthetic, the controls and how it plays.

I was able to connect, found a game of super fiesta already

I’ve been meaning to jump back into 5 for a while. It’s been ages since I played it. Long enough for me to miss it, despite my gripes with it.

I like the look too. Best visuals before Halo 4 and out of all the games.

Nah I just recently uninstalled it, honestly haven’t touched it in a while & I’ve only just been on MCC or Infinite.

I had my fun with Halo 5 when it came out & out the many hours I put in Warzone & Arena but it’s time to hang up the Achilles Armor

I honestly want to get back into it, to both finish all the achievements and get to max level (even tho I’m 145 and that’s like 10% of the way). after those are done, its uninstall lol