Anyone still play Halo 3 ?

Just about to re run the campaign again was wondering if anyone still plays Halo 3 MP regularly and how easy is it to get good games still?

Every other game I play is Mexican or Aussie host, which = massive lag. Search times are okay in Social Slayer and a couple of other playlists, other than that, there’s a wait. Social Big Team takes forever.

I don’t play that much anymore because playing Reach, for some reason, really screws me up for Halo 3. I’m used to reach’s massive autoaim on the sniper, making me completely useless with the H3 snipe, and having to pace my shots with the utility weapon, instead of the outright spamming I can do with the BR with no consequence. I also keep forgetting that fall damage didn’t exist in H3.

I still play Halo 3 every day. I usually have no problems with lag or finding other players. In most matches all or most of my teamates leave the game.

I’d play the matchmaking, but can’t stand the lag. Every time I play, I play custom games 1v1 against my friend. It’s Halo 3 at it’s best as with two players there is only minimal lag which actually makes the non-hitscan weapons pretty interesting which in turn adds a layer of skill. Host might win skill, but not by much when you live less than hundred meters away from the host.

The amount of people still playing H3 in Europe is terribly low. Faaaaar lower than in the US, so I’m playing on American host 99% of the time. No fun, really, if you unload a whole BR magazin into someone and don’t even pop his shields.