Anyone still got server issues?

I haven’t been able to join any games and I can’t even look at my stuf. Reqs, armor, it all says unable to retrieve data try again later. Getting really annoyed by this crap and probably gonna sell the game. Its been like this for the past few days and its getting old real quick.

Join the club, it’s been like this since the Cartographers Update for some of us(myself included)

I know im starting to really dislike 343 these last couple days. Must be Christmas or post-christmas noons ruining it lol.

Been having the same issues for the past 3 days. I can’t get into a match and I can’t even join up with my friends in a party. What ever is going on needs to be fixed. I understand halo is a popular game and 343 should’ve known that over the holidays people are going to be buying the halo games and playing them. To be honest 343 should have been more prepared. 3 days of it not working is a little over excessive and needs to be dealt with. I’ve never had this issue with COD. Shame…

True that

Problems here too. For 2 months now! Lately ive been getting kicked out of matches and matches not counting as a win. Went from plat 6 to plat 3 in slayer coz of this