Anyone remember the halo 3 modded maps?

I can and i loved them so much some were realy fun and a nice change from the normal maps. the fact that they were easaly downloaded form the bungie website was great.

they were not present in reach and that irritated me a bit because some of the things possible in the forge would have made amazing maps.

i hope that they are in halo 4 because im pritty sure the forge will be better and stuff with bigger maps and more possibilities.

anyone agree?

ya some were fun
I even got my name posted one by some one who hated me

I actually do miss some modded maps actually, saw some realy narly stuff back on standoff [whatever that map is with the giant wheel] and Guardian. Cool stuff there.

i remember some fo the moded maps on h3. reach does have some. i recently worked on a map to create an avalanche out of 100 golf balls… we needed more man cannons. i’ve also seen some maps with unlimited budget. 100 lights, 100 grids, 100 golf tins, and some others. you just need to find the right person. bungie kept and 343 keeps the fileshare community fairly free of moded content and that does suck sometimes.

That was all fun, for sure. I remember racing with my friends through tons of Last Resort windmills. Or, fending off artic zombies aboard an overbudgeted forged ship on Avalanche with fake water underneath us. The stationary misslepods were really handy, also.

I remember a map on Sandtrap with several frigates with stuff inside them with Spartan clones and all that, and glitching elephants through the frigates causing -Yoink!- attacks, lol. Good times.

Only mods I see in Reach are over budget items. No clones, no weird vehicles, no clones, no random out of place objective items.

They said at halo fest that there was some “internal discussion” about appeasing the modders, but I don’t see 343 allowing things like that anymore.

It would be amazing, though. Halo 4 could be #1 in customization.