Anyone play custom games anymore?

Sorry if wrong area but best spot I could think of. I don’t even remember playing a custom game 4v4 HCS settings and just running skrims all day, and lowest on each team switched teams every 3 games, unless it was teams, but if it was just 8 people playing we’d do that. I really would think it would benefit not just myself but others as well. I see so so many people with 20k games playing and 20 customs. Used to be the other way around in halo 2 and 3. I played so many FFA games and I think that’s got me so good then we did more 4v4 games.

I know I’m a random without a champ rank but if anyone would like to start doing skrims, and actual HCS settings, I think I would get way better plus be great to meet more decent players that want to get good and try new things and learn things. I know everyone is a dang pro now but I miss on Saturdays all day playing customs